• The Vlerick Healthcare Conference
    Organiser: Vlerick

    The Vlerick Healthcare Conference has become the annual reference in the field taking into account a total healthcare ecosystem perspective. Broaden your network in an inspiring blend of interactive sessions and keynote presentations by top speakers. The Vlerick Healthcare Conference is a must for all professionals active in healthcare and the life trends in the field. Many people today think about their health only during those times when it fails them. But this approach will not support long-term healthy outcomes. So, this year’s Vlerick Healthcare Conference will take an interdisciplinary perspective towards predictive and preventive models in healthcare. VITO is also focusing on predictive healthcare.

    Date: Thursday, October 25th, 2018
    Location: AG Insurance, Brussel

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  • VITO symposium: Deep Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal energy is a local, sustainable, reliable and affordable source of energy deep below our feet, which will play a substantial role in the sustainable energy mix of the future. During this geothermal symposium the different steps from exploration to operation will be discussed. A new geological model of the deep subsurface of Flanders and the results of novel geophysical exploration techniques will be presented. The Flemish legislation (guarantee scheme and permits) for the geothermal market is in full development. Both the Flemish and European context will be explained here by specialists. After lunch, at the end of this symposium, you can visit the Balmatt geothermal power plant at VITO in Mol.

    Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2018
    Location: Conference Hall VITO MOL

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  • 5th Biorizon Annual Event on Bio-aromatics
    Organiser: Biorizon

    On November 14 and 15, 2018 Shared Research Center Biorizon will host its 5th Biorizon Annual Event on Bio-aromatics in the beautiful city of 's Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands). Large industry players, SME's and RTO's from all over Europe will be present to discuss the latest progress in the field of bio-aromatics and to elaborate on the opportunities to accelerate biobased business together.

    Date: November 14 - 15th, 2018
    Location: 's Hertogenbosch

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  • Second stakeholders meeting InDIRECT project i.c.w. IMPROVE

    InDIRECT is a European applied research project that is exploring new value chains based on underspent organic side streams. One of the objectives is the development of indirect cascading biorefinery processes for converting a variety of underspent side streams into useful marketable products.
    Aim of this stakeholders meeting
    • Informing stakeholders about the InDIRECT project idea and the results obtained so far.
    • Interact with stakeholders to learn their opinion and needs related to the topic.
    • Work toward a business model for valorisation of the InDIRECT findings

    Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2018
    Location: Amiens/Dury (France)

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  • 2 day Risk & Race Game Manager Training

    The Risk & RACE game offers an exciting and hands-on experience with the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy. It is a table top board game, designed to induce an entrepreneurial mind-set and introduce players to entrepreneurial decision making and circular economy business models. Subscribe to this 2-day train-the-trainer module and become a Risk&RACE game master yourself! During the training you will learn the basic principles of circular economy. You learn how to set up and moderate a workshop and how to manage the debriefing and processing. After the training you receive a game set of Risk&RACE and a certificate that gives you the right to use Risk&RACE in your own activities.

    Date: November 22 - 23th, 2018
    Location: Hyphen-One Leuven

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  • G-STIC 2018: Global Science & Technology Innovation Conference Series

    Building on the outcomes of the 2017 G-STIC conference and breaking down barriers between sectors, G-STIC 2018 will
    • further develop suggestions for policy actions to upscale the use of integrated technological solutions,
    • introduce new technological solutions that have the potential to impact the achievement of the SDGs,
    • mount an eclectic exhibition to showcase market-ready technological solutions related to the G-STIC topics.
    Providing ample opportunity to enrich your business network, discover new markets and work with other representatives from all over the world, G-STIC 2018 is the place to join a global innovation community.

    Date: November 28 - 30th, 2018
    Location: Tour & Taxis Brussel

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  • Biobased Materials for Coatings & Inks i.c.w. ATIPIC

    Event organized by ATIPIC, the Belgian Association of Technicians from the Paint and Related Industries.

    Date: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018
    Location: Foyer, VITO Conference room, Mol

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  • World Resources Forum 2019: Closing Loops
    Organiser: WRF

    The next edition of the World Resources Forum will take place in Antwerp from Sunday 24 February to Wednesday 27 February 2019. The host for this edition is the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM). The World Resources Forum 2019 puts its focus on closing resource loops and circular economy in practice, as a lever to achieve the Agenda 2030 commitments. The challenge we face of a low carbon and circular society is well known. With a view to the post-2020 era, WRF2019 takes stock of solutions and practices taking place in many parts of society to move from a linear and fossil to a circular and low carbon economy.

    Date: February 24 - 27th, 2019
    Location: Antwerpen

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  • City-Zen Days
    Organiser: City-Zen

    Amsterdam invites you to experience the heart of its energy transition from 1-3 April 2019. A city free of fossil fuels. City-zen shows you how it’s done! A city operating entirely on clean energy. Sun, wind, biomass or geothermal heat… in theory it’s possible. But what about real life? How do we integrate new energy solutions in existing buildings, systems and, last but not least, the lives of people? What are the technical, economic or social barriers? And how do we overcome these? That is what the international consortium City-zen is learning-by-doing in 20 innovative projects in Grenoble and Amsterdam.

    Date: April 1 - 3rd, 2019
    Location: Amsterdam

  • HARMO19

    The 19th International conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes (Harmo 19) is aimed towards model developers, model users, environmental protection agencies and legislation experts. What distinguishes this conference from many others is its focus on common tools and methodologies.

    Date: June 3 - 6th, 2019
    Location: Bruges (B)

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